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Property Management


Rennie & Partners recognise that effective property management is crucial in enabling clients to maximise their returns from investments. This is why many landlords employ Chartered surveyors like ourselves, as we have a greater level of understanding and support we can provide to both freeholders and leaseholders.

Why Choose Rennie & Partners?

Rennie & Partners prides itself on having a very long established team of property professionals.


We have built our business mostly through recommendation from existing clients which we believe speaks for itself.


Each block we acquire is assigned one property manager which will manage the whole block in its entirity.

We believe this enables us to give the best customer service as one manager is in control of the whole block, ranging from dealing with contractors to helping our clients with any issues that arise, generating greater efficiency whilst maintaining customer relationships.

We do not have any automated services, so our clients are always able to speak to their property professional.


We have invested in a superior property management software programme to deliver the best service to our clients.


Our clients for property management include:


  • Leaseholders

  • Freeholders

  • Professional landlords and

  • Property developers.

We can provide a specialist service most Property Management companies cannot by having our own team of Chartered Surveyors within our firm.



This means if anything goes wrong in the block, we are there to:


  • Find the cause of the problem

  • Deal with the issue quickly and effectively with our in house Building Surveyors

  • We don't have to rely on external sub-contractors to find the issue


This leads to problems being dealt with professionally,

efficiently and cost effectively, leading to a satisfied client who has had a personal experience.