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Residential Property Management


Rennie & Partners recognise that effective block management is crucial in enabling clients to maximise their returns from investments. This is why many landlords employ Chartered surveyors like ourselves, as we have a greater level of understanding and support we can provide to both freeholders and leaseholders.



Why choose Rennie & Partners?


Rennie & Partners has a dedicated team of block management professionals who will support your block management requirements. We do not have any automated services, meaning that there will always be a professional at the other end of the line to answer your queries and resolve any issues instantly.


What we will do if we manage your block:


  • We carry out an annual inspection of the building by a Chartered Surveyor. Any defects that have arisen and may arise, are identified, the cost is estimated and we provide this in the budget for the following 12 months.

  • Rennie & Partners prepare budgets for annual expenditure, collect service charge contributions and provide detailed income and expenditure statements.

  • We deal with minor repair works on a day to day basis, resolving issues in a timely manner.

  • If Major works are required we obtain quotations to comply with the Legislation and issue the necessary notices. We will prepare a Schedule of the Work required, inspect the work in progress and ensure satisfactory completion.

  • We comply with the relevant Legislation and the Client Account Regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

  • We manage and arrange insurance for the block, and act as a postbox for all claims (we are registered with the FCA- Financial Conduct Authority)


Rennie & Partners manage a variety of properties varying from Grade 2 listed buildings, new build blocks of flats and mixed use blocks which comprise of residential and commercial units. We also manage very large blocks which require extensive facilities management. We employ gardeners, porters and cleaners to maintain a very high standard of upkeep in the blocks.


Rennie & Partners has often been called in to manage buildings which have been neglected and are dilapidated. They need extensive work both from the Chartered surveyors within Rennie & Partners and the managers side to resolve the issues and put the building in good repair.


We have often acquired new blocks by helping flat owners buy the freehold or extend their leases. Rennie & Partners also arrange new lettings, lease renewals and rent reviews.